About Us


Nabaki Afrika Limited is one of Tanzania’s leading and most respected retailers and wholesalers of quality building products and construction materials. ‘Nabaki Afrika’ is Kiswahili for ‘I remain in Africa’. We distribute our products in partnership with reputable manufacturers and suppliers who can guarantee their product quality with complete technical back up service. Nabaki Afrika’s business has been built by building its reputation and providing peace-of-mind for its customers. We’re small enough to listen and big enough to deliver.


Nabaki Afrika has evolved from a husband and wife team who arrived in Tanzania in 1993, to a market leader in the retail and wholesale supply of quality building products. Nabaki Afrika is now a family of over 100 support staff, has over 5 000 loyal customers, hundreds of distributors and over 30 000 database contacts to tap. This remarkable twenty-year journey has taken a sustained financial and emotional effort and a commitment to sound business principles, ethical standards and integrity to achieve business success.

Nabaki Afrika’s annual turnover began with less than $100,000 and has increased to a current turnover of over $14,000,000 per annum. Growth continued during 2013 and Nabaki Afrika still strives to excel in a difficult business environment.


It has been our mandate to find the most effective route to the rapidly growing Tanzanian market for all our product lines. The company has set itself the goal of continued growth and geographical expansion. To this end we have a unique ‘Mtaalam’ (Kiswahili for ‘expert’)program that trains and develops bothour internal team and our external local partners, transforming ordinary ‘fundis’ to ‘Mtaalams’.

Nabaki opened its first wholly-owned national outlet in September 2013, in Arusha, making this the fourth Nabaki Branch in Tanzania. Building expansions continue as ever at the Support Office (our name for our HQ) in Mikocheni, Dar es Salaam and more growth plans are underway for 2014. Nabaki’s dream is to expand its horizons to become accessible to customers all over Tanzania.


We believe in using our position, our resources and our compassion to assist others in our community. An integrated and mutually supportive community is a healthy one.

Our social responsibility program is very active and donates cash, product and time to good causes that we have carefully identified and reviewed. Our major focus is on environmental and waste management awareness via Nipe Fagio, a local non-profit. Other areas areeducation, conservation, and health. In addition we dedicate time to training local artisans on the use, application or installation of our products, issuing certificates, and connecting them to our client base for installation work. Performance is monitored thereafter to ensure quality is maintained.


We strive to provide our clients with excellent   customer service – with a genuine smile!

We provide products and services distinguished by quality and value that can be trusted.

We aim to have Nabaki Afrika associated with the word trust.Trust builds reputation, a dedicated team, reliable and accommodating suppliers and devoted and loyal customers.

We employ people who have a genuine enthusiasm for what we do, operating in a professional but fun working environment that encourages and rewards creativity, initiative and team work.

We take pride in our accomplishments and build on them every day – from humble beginnings to nationwide distribution.

Nabaki Afrika will adopt sustainable building products as early as possible and work with suppliers and customers to achieve this goal.

TURNOVER > USD12 million
FOCUS: Construction Contractors, Architects and Engineers
DISTRIBUTORS: Over 200 distributors
COMPANY MOTTO: Quality Building Products
COMPANY GOAL: To ensure Nabaki Afrika quality products are available across Tanzania.
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