Civils & Mining

Nabaki blends a range of quality concrete admixtures.

Civils & Mining

Nabaki can supply a range of geomembranes and fusion welders to safely contain waste products.

We supply a range of geocells and geowebs to stabilise soils and protect against environmental erosion.


We are currently expanding the civils side of our business, and increasing our long-standing range of geosynthetics. In 2018 we set up a blending plant to manufacture admixtures for BASF. These have been used extensively in and around Tanzania on various large-scale civil sites, including the SGR railway.


Drawing on our long importation and logistics experience, we are supplying numerous mining operations, and expanding our range of mining products to include a variety of environmentally-friendly drilling muds. In 2021 we were granted our Local Content Plan, which is required by law to supply mining and mineral operations (including oil and gas) in Tanzania.