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PPR+ Plumbing

PPR Plus System Tanzania

PPR Plus adds value – with more than 50 years of useful life, it avoids degradation of walls due to humidity stains. Furthermore, the low thermal conductivity offers less condensation than other alternative materials.

PPH Plumbing

PPH Threaded pipes Tanzania

PPH Threaded System has all the advantages of a traditional plumbing system, combined with modern technology to ensure a leak-free solution. Our larger bore pipes are perfect for bore holes, making a complete indoor/outdoor system.

Pushfit Plumbing

Pushfit barrier pipe Tanzania

Pushfit barrier pipe makes the pipe flexible enough to feed through buildings without the need for expensive fittings. You can easily install a Pushfit system using just ONE fitting at the start of the pipe and ONE at the end where it attaches to a tap.


Underground Systems

Our underground drainage and sewer systems offer the most comprehensive range of products available today.It reduces maintenance & enhance the overall value of your project.

Soil Systems

Flowplumb Soil Systems Tanzania

Durable, lightweight and impact resistant, Flowplumb Soil Systems are a GOOD reliable way of carrying sanitary waste from domestic, commercial and industrial installations.

Waste Systems

Economical, durable and easy to install, our waste systems can withstand domestic hot waste discharge & can easily cope with the majority of chemicals and detergents.


Rainwater Gutters

Rainwater Gutter products are manufactured in state of the art facilities, employing the latest methods of manufacturing & safety, & are feature packed for better performance.

Heritage Range

Heritage Range Tanzania

Our systems are lightweight and virtually maintenance free, come with 10 years warranty. A comprehensive yet compact range making your job easy to price up, with less products to carry.

Commercial Buildings

Pipework offers fire a route to spread. Our fire collars ensure that fire is contained, allowing safe evacuation and time for the emergency services to arrive. Fire collars work by ‘strangling’ the pipe when heated, blocking the path of the fire. These should be fitted to all vertical pipes at each floor level.


Civil Products Tanzania

The Flowplumb Roof to River concept is an exciting, unique, all embracing solution for projects requiring an holistic water management system. The Roof to River process encompasses a comprehensive range of products from Flowplumb for the management and re-use of rainwater.

AC Pipes

AC pipe is lightweight and the pipes remain extremely tough and durable even at water temperatures as low as -40ºC. The complete pipework system which is manufactured from an ABS material incorporates pipes, fittings and valves.

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