PPR Plus System

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More than 50 years ago, Mr. Erwin May, a German immigrant who landed in Argentina with strength, drive and skills, created a pioneering thermoplastic piping company. Today, we are still implanted with the same importance for quality, pride in what we do, and the obsession for constant improvement.

Why Choose PPR Plus?

We are always at the forefront of technological investigation in thermo-plastic products and are committed to the development of the industry. Through this, we obtain a firm recognition of our products in the domestic and foreign markets.

Fusion Technology

We use RANDOM copolymer polypropylene (PPR), which is designed in Europe as raw material, to manufacture our PPR Plus System. This is the best suited material to join by molecular fusion. Structural integrity is maintained by using only virgin polypropylene instead of recycled material.

Where to use PPR PLUS

Virgin Polypropylene

Once fused, the pipe and fitting are connected by molecular join.


PPR Plus adds value – with more than 50 years of useful life, it avoids degradation of walls due to humidity stains. Furthermore, the low thermal conductivity offers less condensation than other alternative materials.

Furthermore, the low thermal conductivity offers less condensation than other alternative materials.


Reduced labour time – the Fusion coupling system allows serial installation in housing and building plans with identical distribution. With no maintenance issues, hotel rooms can remain occupied all year round. Tenant benefits – higher resistance, more quality, better service, no maintenance.


Due to its high chemical resistance, pressure and temperature ranges, PPR Plus is ideal for industrial use. The antioxidant internal layer makes it particularly suitable for food and beverage production.

PPR Plus Systems Advantages

  • Rustproof forever
  • It maximizes the supply system pressure
  • Lightweight and easy to transport
  • Innoxious
  • It does not impart odor, color or flavor to the fluids transported
  • It is not affected by galvanic or eddy currents
  • It is not affected by microbial corrosion
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • Maximum elasticity
  • Great resistance to temperature and pressure through time
  • Increased water flow through time guaranteed
  • High chemical resistance

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