Introducing FlowPlumb’s Quick & Easy Push-Fit System

Nabaki Afrika looks for the latest & most effective solutions to today’s construction needs, and brings it to you.

Are you fed up with leaking pipes? Have you ever been sold fake water pipes? Do you hate how long it takes to install plumbing systems?

FlowPlumb™ is the UK’s best-selling non-metal plumbing system, and is now available exclusively from Nabaki Afrika.

The beauty of the polybutelyne FlowPlumb™ barrier pipe is its flexibility; enabling just one continual pipe to snake its way around your building with the minimal of fittings – just one at the start and one at the end! This minimises cost and time, and eliminates leaks. Now for the really clever bit, all FlowPlumb™ fittings simply push on to the FlowPlumb™ pipe for a secure leak free joint – no glue, no solvent, no heating, no cutting threads and no electricity or gas needed. It’s safer, quicker and easier to install than any other plumbing system we’ve seen.
Professionally trained Mtaalams are excited about FlowPlumb™ and will install your system to the highest standards; check the Mtaalam Directory to find your installation specialist.

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