Introducing JetCure WB-Clear

Nabaki Afrika Ltd is bringing you JetCure WB which is used to prevent premature water loss particularly on large
exposed concrete surfaces e.g. highways, runways, aprons, precast concrete, decks, hardstands, etc.
JetCure WB  is water based emulsified curing compound, used to prevent water evaporation from the concrete surface.
Applied to fresh concrete surfaces, JetCure WB forms a continuous film providing a barrier to premature water loss
ensuring effective hydration of the cement and reduced shrinkage cracks.
• Protects concrete surfaces against sun, wind and rain
• Solvent free, no noxious fumes
• Single coat and easy application
• Reduces incidence of plastic or shrinkage cracking
• Ensures required strengths reached
• No need for other costly curing methods
• Labour saving
4.5 to 5.5 m2 per litre / coat

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