Make Your Building Fireproof, Insulated & Save Money

We are excited to announce a new product like nothing else in the market! Do you want to have a building that is completely fireproof and has excellent thermal insulation (saving you energy and money)?
In today’s world where the cost of energy is rising on a daily basis the use of thermally insulating building materials is crucial. PRATLIPERL, when mixed with cement, produces an eco-friendly, ultra lightweight, thermally insulating & fireproof concrete. PRATLIPERL is the modern solution for energy efficient building. It can double a normal wall’s thermal insulation by just plastering a 16 mm layer of the PRATLIPERL product.
Watch this 4-minute video for a demonstration of PRATLIPERL in action:
  1. Excellent Thermal Insulator – As a result of Pratliperl’s low density and physical structure, it keeps your house cool when it’s hot outside and warm when it’s cold.
  2. Superb Strength – Once cured, Pratliperl has superior strength when compared to ordinary lightweight concretes.
  3. Exceptional Fire and Heat Resistance – Can withstand temperatures up to 1250°C without losing it’s structural integrity.
  4. Compatible with Cement and Other Binders – Pratliperl mixed with cement (and many other binders) can produce ultra lightweight panels, boards, bricks and blocks that can be cut, nailed and drilled.
  5. Non-toxic and Completely Environmentally Friendly.
  6. Resistant to Spalling – Under fire conditions and, more severely, under water quench conditions (e.g. from a fire hose) following extreme heat, conventional concrete will spall and lose it’s integrity. Pratliperl remains intact.
  7. During a Fire, Pratliperl Will Not Spall nor Release Smoke or Toxic Fumes.

  • Exceptional thermal insulation.
  • Energy saving “green” product.
  • Ultra lightweight; reduces highrise structural building costs.
  • Nailable.
  • Completely fireproof.
  • Durable.
  • Good acoustic properties.
  • Easy to apply.
  • May be gunited when applied to large surfaces (e.g. mine tunnels).
Some examples of Pratliperl Usage:
  • Thermally insulating and fireproof wall plaster.
  • Ultra lightweight concrete, bricks and boards.
  • Underfloor insulation and insulated roof decks.
  • Lightweight screeds on corrugated iron or concrete roofs.
  • Fire proofing structural steel columns.
  • Insulating industrial cryogenic tanks.
  • Loose fill thermal insulation in wall cavities.
  • Pizza oven liners.
  • Lightweight tile adhesive filler.

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