Transforming ordinary ‘fundis’ into ‘Mtaalams’

Training is one of Nabaki’s fundamental pillars, and since 2010 we have been running our Mtaalam Programme which aims to transform ordinary ‘fundis’ (artisans) into skilled ‘Mtaalams’ (experts). We now have a core group of 200 technical professionals who regularly support our customers by installing and maintaining our products.

The program has been such a success that we now have a dedicated Mtaalam Manager, training facilities in both Dar es Salaam and Arusha, and sales through Mtalaams are making a growing contribution to Nabaki’s annual turnover.

Building capacity in the wider community also continues. We run regular specialist training workshops,
which attract 100+ people, who come to learn how to install/apply a wide range of Nabaki products and receive certificates of attendance for their portfolios. Dedicated WhatsApp groups help us connect individuals with ongoing training sessions, and also provide a platform for peer-to-peer learning, networking, and exchange.

Nabaki empowers and encourages Mtalaams to improve their skills, develop their businesses, and cascade their training.

If you need help installing, applying or maintaining one of our products we can connect you with one of our skilled Mtaalams. Please kindly contact our Mtalaam manager (