Nipe Fagio now reaches many regions of the country and is proud of its many accomplishments including:

• Co-founding the Tanzania Recycling Association

• Leading Tanzanian activities to mark World CleanUp Day for 5 years

• Conducting audits in several regions to identify the worst offending brands and materials

• Building the largest and more trusted waste database to support national environmental decision-making

• Advocating for policies to restrict plastic, both nationally and regionally

• Designing a successful zero-waste model currently being piloted in six local communities.

Nipe Fagio (‘Give me the broom’ in Kiswahili) aims to empower young people, civil society, the private sector, and the government to turn Tanzania into a clean and sustainable country, through proper waste management and pollution education.

Nipe Fagio leads Let’s Do It Tanzania! which is part of the Let’s Do It World!, the largest civic movement on the planet dedicated to tackling the global trash problem.

The Nabaki team planted nearly 3,000 trees to celebrate its 25th anniversary with the help of the Jane Goodall Institute and the Kilimanjaro Project.