Our Capability

Our suppliers are carefully curated and globally renowned – experienced manufacturers and distributors who provide uncompromising and guaranteed quality.


Thousands of people every day benefit from products distributed by Nabaki. We are proud to have become the ‘go to’ company for both specialist and general construction products, with strong support from the Contractors Registration Board, the Engineers Registration Board, the Architects, and Quantity Surveyors Registration Board, and the Tanzania Green Building Council.


We can distribute our products all across the country through our carefully selected network of distributors, installers, and technicians, all of whom have been trained to provide customer support according to Nabaki’s high standards.


Nabaki has a ‘permission-based’ database of more than 100,000 clients, suppliers and contacts, classified into approximately 100 sub-categories (perhaps one of the largest comparable databases in the country). This allows us to target mail drops, social media, and other marketing to specific groups, sectors, and contractors so that each only gets information pertinent to their industry.


With over 28 years’ experience in procurement, Nabaki Afrika has a wide and well-established network of local and international suppliers. Our roofing, water, and construction products are carefully stored in our extensive warehouses, with samples available for viewing in our showrooms. Having built trusted long-term relationships with some of the world’s most reputable companies, we enjoy competitive prices and generous credit terms with them.