Nabaki Africa

Our Journey

Over the past 28 years, we have been building a legacy: spreading our values, driving technical excellence, and inspiring innovation across our industry.


Nabaki Afrika: more than the sum of our parts

Nabaki Afrika was founded by Tania and Hamish Hamilton in 1994. Since then our company has evolved from a husband-and-wife team – squashed in a tiny office between a fax machine and boxes of brochures – to an award-winning market leader, with 100+ team members, thousands of loyal customers, and an annual turnover of more than $10 million.

Nabaki’s mission is to supply – and support the installation of – quality building products wherever they are needed across Tanzania. We represent manufacturers from all over the world, and pride ourselves on selling the best products from the most reputable, innovative and experienced manufacturers.

‘Nabaki Afrika’ is Kiswahili for ‘I remain in Africa’

A company is only as good as the promises it keeps, and we’ve built our business on supplying high-quality, affordable, specialised construction materials, providing great customer service, and supporting our clients through product selection, installation and maintenance. All of Nabaki’s products are tried, tested and trusted, and come with a promise of uncompromising quality.

Nabaki Afrika has never been just about construction materials. Nor is it just about our great products, our great people and our great customer service. It is about spreading our principles and building a legacy – what we call ‘the Nabaki Way’ – so that our values – of leadership and service, respect and responsibility – can flourish.