Alcolin Flexible Wood Sealant

ALCOLIN FLEXIBLE WOOD SEALANT is a coloured wood sealant that is flexible and water resistant.  Ideal for sealing joints between wooden floors and walls, skirting boards, parquet floors, kitchen cupboards, wardrobes and other wooden substrates. It can be varnished and is odourless, heat resistant and sandable.  It offers excellent adhesion to a wide variety of wood species, seasoned timber, varnished wood, fabricated wood, aluminium, concrete, glass and ceramic tiles.

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Features and Benefits

  • Excellent adhesion – bonds to most construction materials
  • Low shrinkage – excellent gap filling properties ideal for joint sealing
  • Good flexibility – durable, accommodates joint movement up to 15%
  • Sandable – can smooth to a perfect finish
  • Stainable – varnish or paint to achieve desired finish
  • Water resistant – ideal for sealing against moisture
  • Low odour – can use in confined, poorly ventilated areas
  • Tack free finish – low dirt pick up
  • Good chemical resistance – resistant to oils, weak alkali and weak acids