Alcolin NC 120

ALCOLIN NC120 is a superior quality siloxane liquid formulated to provide water repellency and preserve the original beauty of unpainted masonry surfaces NC120 is distinguished for its excellent penetrating ability and extremely high alkaline resistance, which gives it an effective life of at least 10 years if correctly applied ALCOLIN NC120 preserves the original beauty of masonry by preventing water caused damage such as dirt penetration, efflorescence, moss growth and defacing of interior walls ALCOLIN NC120 penetrates deep into masonry and remains invisible when cured. As it is not a surface coating, it allows building materials to breath normally

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Features and Benefits

·  Excellent penetrating ability – invisible when cured ·  Alkaline resistant – total resistance to breakdown by the alkali in masonry ·  Tack-free drying – no dirt pick up ·  Solvent carrier – develops it’s water repellency fast ·  Not a surface coating, the substrate retains a high degree of water vapour permeability – buildings can breath normally ·  Durable – can enhance water repellency for up to 10 years ·  Prevents water-caused damage to walls, including: moss and fungus growth, efflorescence, dirt penetration, damp patches after rain and damage to interior walls

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