Alcolin Permabond RTU

Alcolin Permabond RTU

READY-TO-USE PERMOBOND is a versatile water-based synthetic ter-polymer that has numerous applications in both the building and DIY industry. It performs as a bonding agent between new and old surfaces, and as a primer to toughen friable, powdery surfaces prior to plastering, screeding or tiling. It is also ideal as a keying agent over smooth non porous surfaces, protective barrier coating between incompatible surfaces, and as a cement and gypsum additive for enhancing flexural strength, adhesion and water resistance.

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Features and Benefits

  • primer, keying agent, additive, barrier coat . Concentrated formulation
  • can be extended with water . Excellent water resistance
  • ideal for applications requiring enhanced water resistance . Excellent adhesion
  • bonds to most surfaces used in the building industry . pH independent
  • compatible with both gypsum and cement products . Dries to a tacky finish
  • ideal as a bonding agent and primer . Solvent free
  • non-flammable, non-toxic. Water based
  • cleans up easily with water