Alcolin Permobond

Alcolin Permabond

ALCOLIN PERMOBOND is a superior-grade bonding agent, which dries clear, has very good water resistance and is used in a wide variety of applications. It has the correct pH balance to perform on both acidic and alkali surfaces.

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Features and Benefits

ALCOLIN PERMBOND is an additive that can be added to cement mixes to increase tensile strength, resilience and adhesion. When added to concrete it provides a waterproof, hard-wearing dust free surface. It can be used as a keying agent when placing paint, plaster or concrete onto new or old surfaces. ALCOLIN PERMOBOND is excellent for plastering, screeding, skimming and patching. It acts as a sealer and waterproofing agent when applied to walls,asbestos sheeting, bricks and wood. When PERMOBOND is added to GROUT and CRACKFILLER it improves the strength, adhesion and water resistance. ALCOLIN PERMOBOND can also be used as an adhesive for paper and cardboard, and is ideal for bookbinding, as well as placing wallpaper.