Decra Nails

Roofing accessories and materials manufactured by Decra® Roofing are made from non-combustible, high-quality aluminium-zinc coated steel.

Roof tiles and tile accessories from Decra® Roofing have colour durability that lasts for years. This basic integrity has been proven under accelerated weathering tests in laboratories (see report on the Decra® Tanzania website link) and with prolonged actual exposure in the most UV-prone areas in the well as extensive Coastal testing, as They were designed in New Zealand, which records some of the highest levels of UV light in the world, and have been proven on roofs there since they were first manufactured in 1956.

Decra® Roofing is also a manufacturer of energy-efficient roof accessories, their product information, specifications and CAD details are on the Decra® Tanzania website – use the link to the Manufacturer’s website is on the right.

All the international certifications are also on the Decra® Tanzania website.

Decra® Nails must be used to validate the 50 Year Decra® Warranty.

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Features and Benefits

Decra nails will not rust and will last as long as the tiles. Cheap, inferior nails will rust very quickly in Tanzania’s harsh climate and that rust will corrode the metal of the tile where it makes contact. Decra nails must be used to ensure the warranty is valid.

Product Spec Sheet