Duram Durabit

Durabit is a bitumen-based waterproofing solution that dries to a thick waterproof membrane that is suitable for long-term immersion in water. Economical and water-based, Durabit can be applied to most surfaces and protects the surface from degrading.Durabit is a rubber latex modified bituminous waterproofing emulsion incorporating elastomers and reinforcing agents. Durabit is formulated to a brushable consistency, but with sufficient body to allow a thick built-up waterproofing membrane.

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Features and Benefits

• Safe and easy to apply

• Economical and versatile

• Forms a durable, tough, flexible and elastic waterproof membrane

• Water-based and non-flammable

• Can be built up to a thick, impenetrable membrane

• Can be used on most surfaces and bonds well

• Does not affect or taint water in any way once dry (one initial flush is recommended)

• Suitable for permanent immersion in water (Durabit does not re-emulsify after full cure and is therefore suitable for use under continuous water immersion)

• Tools are easy to clean with water when still wet

• Protects the substrate from degradation

• Excellent weathering and ageing properties when coated with an approved U.V protection coat.