Duram NS4 Anti-Rust Coating

Duram NS4 Anti-Rust Coating is a high performance metal primer and rust treatment engineered with anti-corrosive zinc-phosphate pigments that prevents the development of rust. Suitable for new or corroded metal, NS4 Anti-Rust Coating stops rust that may have already formed and creates a highly effective barrier against the formation of new rust.

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Features and Benefits

• Superior corrosion resistant formula – contains Zinc Phosphate.

• Easy to use.

• Quick drying and can be handled within an hour.

• Water based – solvent free.

• It has good flow and leveling properties, leaving the surface smooth and ready for paint.

• Good sanding and topcoat adhesion.

• It has no toxic fumes, so you can safely use it in a confined space.

• Cleaning your tools afterwards is easy – simply use water.

• Non-flammable and environment friendly.