Duram NS8 Metal Topcoat

Duram NS8 Metal Topcoat is a water-based acrylic polyurethane enamel paint for metal. This premium quality enamel combines the strength of polyurethanes and the excellent weather resistance of acrylics, drying to a non-yellowing, long-lasting hard finish. Used in conjunction with the recommended Duram NS metal coatings and primers, NS8 Metal Topcoat will protect metal surfaces from rust for years.

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Features and Benefits

• Water-based enamel topcoat.

• Polyurethane enhanced resulting in a tough surface that does not chalk, crack, flake, fade or yellow over time.

• Excellent UV and weather resistance.

• Abrasion & scratch resistant.

• Resists household chemicals and stains.

• Easy  application.• Good flow and leveling.

• Non-drip.

• Excellent adhesion.

• Low odour.

• Quick drying (2 hours at 25ºC).

• Easy to clean, simply use water.

• Non-flammable.

• Environmentally friendly.

• Lead free colour formulations.