Duram Nu Glo White

NuGlo is a water-based, acrylic polyurethane enamel paint that dries to a smooth, luxurious medium sheen finish. Odourless, lead free and environmentally friendly, NuGlo is a truly smart paint, which is safe for use in nurseries and on toys. With polyurethane for strength and durability, the silky finish of NuGlo is long lasting and scratch resistant. The non-drip, quick drying formula makes it a pleasure to use and brushes are easy to clean with water.

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Features and Benefits

• Water-based enamel topcoat;

• Polyurethane enhanced, resulting in a tough surface that does not chalk, crack, flake, fade or yellow over time;

• Excellent UV and weather resistance;

• Abrasion & scratch resistant;• Resists household chemicals and stains;

• Easy to apply, non-drip and dries quickly (2 hours at 25ºC);

• Excellent adhesion, good flow and leveling;

• Low odour;• Easy to clean – simply use water;

• Environmentally friendly and non-flammable;

• Lead free colour formulations.

Additional information

Unit Size

5 L