Fischer Bolt Anchor FBN

  • Anchor bolt for push-through and pre-positioned installation.
  • When the hexagon nut is tightened, the tapered bolt is pulled into the expansion clip and expands it against the drill hole wall.
  • Stainless steel version of the corrosion resistance class III, e.g. A4, for outdoor use and in damp conditions.
  • GS version with large washer for timber constructions.
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Features and Benefits

  • FBN II offers maximum load-bearing capacity in non-cracked concrete – anchoring base can not bear higher loads – is totally utilised.
  • Reduced anchorage depth reduces drill time – this saves time and reduces reinforcement hits during drilling.
  • Long thread allows stand-off installations and variable usable lengths.
  • Diameter 8 to 20 mm also for reduced anchorage depths, e.g. for small loads or if reinforcement is hit.
  • Embossed letter on the head for subsequent control of the installation as it indicates the setting depth.