Internal Threaded Anchor RG

This established fixing system consists of the RG M threaded rod and the resin capsule RM.The 2-component resin capsule RM contains quick-setting styrene-free vinylester resin and hardener.During setting, the edges of the threaded rod destroy the capsule in the drill hole, which mix and activate the mortar.The resin adheres to the entire surface of the threaded rod, bonding it to the wall of the drilled hole.

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Features and Benefits

  • Suitable for non cracked concrete.
  • High performance resin guarantees for high loads.
  • Universal fixing system for broad range of applications on building sites.
  • The resin anchoring is free of expansion forces and permits low axial spacing and edge distances.
  • Wide range of many applications.
  • Threaded rods are supplied with an easy and use hexagonal installation drive.