Maxi Bird Impact Sprinkler

Dirty water applications – Large turf areas with spacing up to 63 feet (19,2 m). Rain Bird’s 27/37/47 Series open-case rotors are proven superior in dirty water. They offer uniform water distribution with an easy-toservice construction.

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Features and Benefits

  • High-impact plastic case on AP and 47A-SAM models.
  • Heavy-duty, brass pop-up assembly.
  • Proven impact drive.
  • Straight-through flow for excellent performance in dirty water.
  • Adjustable arc 20° to 340°.
  • Precision Jet tube (PJ™) minimizes side splash.
  • Inlet filter screen and flushing action protect internal assembly from debris.
  • Long-wearing TNT bearing.
  • Easy to rebuild and repair.
  • Diffuser screw on 27AP and 37AP models allows radius reduction up to 25% without changing nozzles.
  • Optional, two-piece rubber cover on all models for added safety.
  • Optional, internal Stopamatic® valve on 47A eliminates puddling and erosion caused by low-head drainage, saving water and money.