Sika Flex Marine

SIKAFLEX-Marine is a high-performance, consistent, single-component polyurethane.SIKAFLEX-Marine is made in compliance with ISO 9001 Quality Assurance rules. Colour: white and black.

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Features and Benefits

SIKAFLEX-Marine has a high, shrinkage-free polymerisation rate under action of atmospheric humidity. The adhesive hardening time can vary with the atmospheric temperature and humidity. SIKAFLEX-Marine remains flexible, is odourless, is strongly adhesive on most of the materials and does not become yellow. SIKAFLEX-Marine is highly resistant to ageing (UV rays, saline environment). SIKAFLEX-Marine does not become yellow under action of sun radiations. It can be used on substrates like wood, metals, screen process printed glass, polyesters and laminated plastics. SIKAFLEX-Marine can be ground and painted.