Spray Head

Ideal for use in areas with changing elevations, the 1800 SAM Series offers all 1800 Series features plus:

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Features and Benefits

  • Built-in Seal-A-Matic™ (SAM) check valve. Eliminates the need for under-the-head check valves. No parts to be installed at the site.
  • Traps water in lateral pipes in elevation changes of up to 14 feet (4,2 m). Reduces wear on system components by minimizing water hammer during start-up.
  • Prevents drainage from spray heads at lower elevations. Stops water waste. Ends landscape damage due to flooding and/or erosion.
  • Even stronger retract spring to accommodate elevation changes up to 14 feet (4,2 m). One of the strongest springs in the industry.
  • Designed for use with all Rain Bird plastic spray head nozzles.
  • “SAM” stamped on cap for easy identification and maintenance.
  • Five-year trade warranty.