Woodoc Deck Sealer

A tinted, low-gloss, exterior sealer for use on wooden decks made of porous (soft) wood e.g. SA Pine and porous Meranti. It was formulated specifically for use on porous wooden decks and all other exterior woodwork exposed to harsh weather.

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Woodoc Deck Sealer is alkyd-based with UVabsorbers and added transparent iron oxides to protect wood against harsh sunlight.

• Excellent wind, water, pollution and salt spray protection.

• Superior Ultra-violet radiation protection in extreme conditions.

• High-build characteristic for a smooth and attractive low-gloss surface.

• Available in Golden Brown, Rich Meranti and Deep Brown.

• Deep penetrates to nourish wood.

• Non-toxic when dry.

• Does not affect glue.

• Bio-degrades at the end of its life cycle.