Woodoc Exterior Penetrating Wax

A liquid penetrating weatherproof wax with ultra-violet filters for sealed/treated exterior wood. The product treats wood effectively in spite of the presence of waxes, oils, varnishes or sealers. Wood should first be sealed with a Woodoc Exterior Sealer.

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Woodoc Penetrating Weatherproof Wax penetrates the existing sealer or coating to feed the wood. The wax content helps exclude moisture, whilst the UV-absorber replenishes the sealer’s UV-resistance.

  • Enhances the protection of wood against seasonal and environmental changes.
  • Brings out the natural colour and grain of wood.
  • Revitalises the surface coating, cleaning and refreshes it.
  • Non-toxic when dry.
  • Compatible with most varnishes, sealers and finishes.
  • Unlimited shelf life.