Woodoc Gel Stain

Woodoc Gel enriches and enhances the colour and appearance of wood. The intensity of colour is easier to control than with conventional liquid stains. Pine furniture can be turned into rich wood colours, light woods can become darker woods and the colour of darker woods can be enhanced.

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• Woodoc Gel Stain should be applied only to wood that is free of any previous coating, waxes or oils.

• Remove any old finishes/layers completely.

• Woodoc Gel Stain does not protect wood. After tinting use a suitable clear sealer/varnish.

• Available in a selected range of wood- as well as fashion tints: Traditional Teak, Cherrywood, African Mahogany, Antique Oak, Imbuia, Ebony, Butter, Arizona Orange, Dawn Red, Forever Green, Adriatic Blue, Purple Sky.