Woodoc Patio (Wood cleaning Furniture)

A deep penetrating wax and oil blend, specially formulated for cleaning and maintenance of previously oiled, sealed or varnished exterior wooden furniture or woodwork. The period between applications depends on the level of exposure and the severity of weather conditions – especially exposure to sunlight.

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Woodoc PATIO contains ultra-violet filters and is water repellent. While it cleanses and beautifies the surface, it also penetrates, even existing surface layers. It keeps feeding the wood and enhances the grain thereof. The wax content helps prevent moisture penetration, whilst the UV-absorbers replenishes the sealer’s UV-resistance.

  • Enhances the protection of wood against seasonal and environmental changes.
  • Enhances the natural colour and grain of wood.
  • Revitalises the surface coating, cleanses and refreshes it.
  • Non-toxic when dry.
  • Compatible with most varnishes, sealers and finishes.
  • Unlimited shelf life.

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375 ml