Solve Water Leaks with Kuniseal C-31 DS – Concrete Joint Waterproofer

Whenever we find a product that solves real-world building problems in a fresh and effective way, we bring it to you here in Tanzania. Today, we are highlighting KuniSeal –
concrete joint waterproofing material that’s the powerful solution to your water leak problems.
The Solution:

KuniSeal C-31 DS is specifically designed to act as a moisture barrier in concrete construction joints, pipe penetrations, full bores and concrete repair. Its unique

characteristics give it long lasting durability and superior waterproofing results, even when subjected to high hydrostatic pressure and in marine environments. It is also quick

and easy to install.

KuniSeal C-31 DS is a composite product consisting of high swelling bentonite, mineral oil and modified polymer. KuniSeal’s delayed swelling makes it stand out from any
other bentonite system.
Key Benefits:
• KuniSeal is self-adhesive, so no adhesive or nails or staples are required
• Installation time reduced
• Easy to shape and form into construction joint
• No expansive stress applied to the concrete
• Long lasting, in situ durability
• Delayed swell allows for adverse on-site weather
• Superior results in stopping moisture penetration
• Suitable for marine environments
• Can be applied onto most construction substrates (concrete, PVC, steel etc)
• Stable in hot and cold conditions
• Can be easily butt jointed together
• Easy to cut, fit and form into joints and corners
Recommended for:
• Concrete construction joints, both vertical and horizontal
• Foundation joints
• Water Containing structures
• In situ concrete penetrations
• Pipe Penetrations
• Full Bores
• H-Shaped beams
• Concrete repair
KuniSeal has been tested to 95m head of pressure with zero throughput. Contractor’s appreciate its ease of use and applicability even on extremely rough or variable surfaces
achieving a seamless seal interface.
It is extremely effective, and being malleable is able to accommodate even extremely rough / uneven joint surfaces, which is precisely what most engineers would specify for
joint surfaces; ie lightly chipped / exposed aggregate type finish in order to yield good mechanical bond between both concretes.  Furthermore, the SANS spec for
construction joints specifically requires a thoroughly pre-saturated concrete matrix (SANS 2001 : CC1 (2007) – Table 7).  Other water-stops require a completely dry concrete
surface (contrary to the SANS spec) – KuniSeal requires a saturated surface.

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