Swimming Pools – Liner Pool

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  • The initial cost of a liner pool is much lower than a concrete pool.
  • The time taken for the ground excavation and installation of the liner pool can be as little as two weeks. This time depends on the excavation required, the water table and weather conditions.
  • In general a liner pool should use less chemicals than a concrete pool as the smooth vinyl surface inhibits algae growth.
  • Liner pools can be installed above and below the ground.
  • Liner pools can be installed in areas with a high water table.
  • A pool liner is replaceable and liners last between seven and fifteen years with some liners lasting 20 years. The pool and liner have to be cared for properly. Poor quality chemicals, poor pool maintenance, chemical imbalances in the water and the sun can destroy a liner in two or three years.
  • A liner with a small hole can be repaired quite easily with a vinyl patch and underwater vinyl glue
  • A liner pool shape is customizable although these have to be ordered and delivery from South Africa will take about three months.
  • A complete liner pool can be transported in the back of a pick up truck so you can buy the whole pool and transport it quite easily.



  • Liner pools must be used with care as dogs, children and tree limbs and roots can cause damage. Children throw things into the pool, they use aluminum handles as toys and this is a leading cause of damage.
  • When a home is sold with a vinyl liner pool the buyer could question the age and value of the pool. If the liner is older than 3 or 4 years they could ask for a replacement liner. So the resale value of a liner pool is lower than a concrete pool.
  • Over a long period of time, like 20 years, the liner pool cost could be more than a concrete pool if you consider liner replacements.
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