The Nabaki Way

Once we change ourselves, we can change society and the world in which we live.


Market leadership:

Since 1994 we have helped drive technical excellence and inspire innovation across our industry, with many other Tanzanian businesses now adopting our products and ideas. We continue to raise the benchmark for customers and suppliers alike.

Specialised high-quality construction materials:

We only sell industry-tested building products that have proven durability and a strong life-cycle performance.

Green building:

Nabaki Afrika was an early adopter of sustainable building products, and works with manufacturers, suppliers and customers to promote environmentally friendly products and practises wherever possible. We are a founding member of the Tanzania Green Building Council.

Value for money:

Nabaki demonstrates time and again that you get what you pay for. Our innovative products, coupled with installation and application support, help shorten build times, lessen labour costs and increase efficiencies.

Technical support & expert customer service:

Our dedicated sales and technical support teams will guide you to the right products, and support you, wherever possible, through installation / application and maintenance.


Our mission is to have our products known all across Tanzania and to facilitate hassle-free delivery.

Installation assistance:

Our network of ‘Mtalaams’®/technical experts – are trained in-house to install/apply and service all our products

Social responsibility:

We believe in serving our community, investing in quality interventions that promote actionable change and improve the symbiotic relationship between humans and nature. Quality, value, and service are the touchstones not only of our products but of all our social and ethical interactions within Tanzania.

Peace of mind:

Our products are tried, tested and trusted, and almost all come with quality guarantees. Our reputation often precedes us, spread not only by our many loyal long-term customers but also by new generations of supporters.