Xypex Key Differences

Key Differences between Xypex and Nearest Competitor

1. The application rate for nearest competitor coating applications is 25% higher compared to Xypex.
2. Xypex Concentrate is a more chemically potent product.
3. The nearest competitor literature refers to the chemical reaction between “ it “ ( the nearest competitor ) and calcium hydroxide as being the crystallizing action.
4. Xypex reacts with Calcium Hydroxide, free lime, mineral salts, mineral oxides and un-hydrated and partially hydrated cement particles.
(By reacting with a broader spectrum of constituents, Xypex provides a superior fixed crystalline structure that stands up more effectively to both hydrostatic pressure and to aggressive chemicals).
5. The Xypex system will protect the concrete from aggressive substances within a pH range of 3 -11 (there is no data on what the nearest competitor can protect from chemical wise).
6. The typical application rate of the nearest competitor consists of two coats of material totalling 2 kg per square meter. For Xypex application, the rate is 1 – 1.6 kg per square meter.
7. The nearest competitor literature calls for 24 hours of water saturation prior to application as well as 4 – 7 days of moist curing, whereas Xypex requires 2 days.
8. The nearest competitor max permeability is 36% , Xypex max permeability is 93% ( Xypex can attain a water proof level of 93% ).

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